Mala "soap tree seed" blessed by the Venerable Phra Ajarn Sakorn


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Black mala realized and blessed by the Venerable Phra Ajarn Sakorn.
These exceptional malas are composed of seeds of Sapindus Saponaria (as the original mala used by Buddha Sakyamuni)
that Phra Ajarn Sakorn reported from a pilgrimage to Laos.
To cross the border with so much mala without being bothered Phra Ajarn Sakorn told me to have them all around his neck and made
"a head not smiling" so that the customs officers do not care for him.
(He agreed to play the stage again, here's a photo)
These black seeds come from Sapindus Saponaria
(a cousin of the tree that produces the famous Indian scrub nuts,
the fruits of Sapindus Saponaria also serve as soap
and medicine for animals).
An Indian tradition ensures that if a child wears such Reetha Mala
he is protected against evil spirits, and that if it is a cow
in one, she will not fall ill and will be protected from epidemics.

This type of mala is mentioned in the Sutra of the soap tree Where it is written :
"King Vaiduria of the Nanda Kingdom was pursued by various problems:
attacked by his enemies, an epidemic ravaged his subjects.
He went to the Buddha for advice
and a simple practice to pacify his mind and solve his problems.

The Buddha tells him to make a necklace of 108 soap tree seeds
and recite shelters:
Take refuge in the Buddha as an example,
Take refuge in the Dharma because it is the ultimate truth,
Take refuge in the Sangha which is the community of practitioners.

If using a large mala does not bother you
and you want to use the same Mala as the historical Buddha,
here is your chance.

It is nowadays quite rare to see this type of mala even in Asia,
and to my knowledge no website or shop
does not propose in Europe.

Rare opportunity to obtain a mala from the model used by the historical Buddha, entirely hand-made by a recognized Master
of the Theravada tradition.

A photo of Phra Ajarn Sakorn wearing one of these mala offered
with each mala
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Length: 72 cm
Weight: 140 gr