Ball Geometry Amulet Look Geow Samadhi - Very Venerable LP Dooh


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Meditation ball amulet Look Geow Samadhi
blessed in 1989 by the Very Venerable LP Dooh (Wat Sakai - Ayuthaya).
Excellent amulet for the practice of meditation whether in the tradition Vipassana, for the practices of Tibetan Buddhism
or for other meditative practices.
This meditation tool helps in the first place to have
a correct posture, then allows you to experience meditative states
deeper and deeper.

With this amulet is provided his activation prayer and his instructions,
as well as the paper and the original box of the temple.
In addition to being a meditation tool, this sacred ball Look Geow Samadhi
is also a good general protection that transmits
the blessings of the Most Venerable LP Dooh.
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Diameter: 25 mm.
Weight: 18 gr.
Reliquary: Yes.
Original box and paper of the temple: Yes.
Activation prayer and instructions: Yes.